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Green Amethyst, or Prasiolite, is one of the rarer varieties.  It is naturally found in small quantities mixed with Amethyst in Canada, Poland, Namibia, and in California, United States.

Most of the stones on the market are heat-treated from Montezuma, Minas Giras, Brazil.  It is likely that natural Prasiolite is also found in Montezuma, but the deposit has now played out. We do not like the heat treated variant, so the Prasiolite you see here are natural.

Prasiolite is a beautiful stone which inspires love and compassion. It helps us ground into the physical Earth while also connecting us with the magnificence of Divine Love. For anyone seeking a more authentic spiritual experience, Prasiolite can help us to open ourselves to the Mystery. It increases intuition whenever we are in alignment with Love and all that is Good. Prasiolite is a stone of transformation, inviting us to become more of what we truly are. It is connected to the element of Earth and vibrates to the number 3.

Prasiolite is a stone of compassion, particularly for one’s self. It helps us to accept ourselves and see our own inherent beauty and dignity. Prasiolite reminds us that to share love with ourselves and others is the greatest gift we can give. It is particularly good for anyone who struggles with self-esteem issues or is struggling to free one’s self from an emotionally abusive relationship. Prasiolite shows us that when we act out of True Love we act for the Highest Good, (and that can mean staying or going, changing or accepting). It reminds us that whatever decision brings us authentic peace is the right choice.

Prasiolite is a stone that unites logic and love. With it we can explore complex questions about love. For example, if love is kind how do we respond to people (including ourselves) who are not kind? Prasiolite teaches us that love is not just an emotion or a spiritual ideal, instead it is a conscious decision. We can choose to be kinder and more loving. We can choose to be with those people who respect and honor us. We can choose to do our personal work and grow as an individual. Prasiolite shows us the logical path to joy and prosperity.

Prasiolite is said to be a good stone for healing the physical heart as well as for healing the endocrine glands that help the body to stay balanced. It is commonly used to treat eating disorders and digestion.

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