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Peacock Ore

Peacock Ore is a rough stone with iridescent metallic colors.  It is a naturally-occurring stone whose vibrant appearance is a tarnish, similar to how grey iron rusts into reddish-brown.  The name is purely for marketing purposes, scientifically it can be Chalcopyrite or Bornite.  These two sulfide minerals are closely related and often found in the same deposit.  Most of the Peacock Ore sold on the market is Chalcopyrite which has been artificially tarnished so that the happy-go-lucky colors are uniformly spread across the surface.  Because the tarnishing only happens on the top surface layer of the stone, it cannot be polished, because to do so would remove the colors!

Peacock Ore has a lively energy, encouraging us to be happy, feel hopeful and be more confident in our own skin. It reminds us to stop and smell the roses and to take time to really ENJOY our life! Peacock Ore is a very good stone to work with when we feel like our hearts and our minds are not united, especially on important topics like our romantic relationships or our livelihood. Peacock Ore helps our heart and mind to talk more clearly with each other and to help us make decisions that will best serve our Highest Good. Peacock Ore encourages us to find practical ways to pursue our dreams and the courage to be open to real love. When we are already in a happy romantic relationship, Peacock Ore inspires us to take it to the next level, to enjoy each other more and be wildly, outrageously happy and in love.

Peacock Ore sharpens our intellectual capabilities and encourages us to be open to new ideas. Its vibration pulses with “fresh” energy which can be used to reinvigorate the mind when it feels tired. It is particularly good for helping us to see and understand patterns within the larger picture, and to bring all the different details into balance and alignment. Peacock Ore encourages us to always give the highest quality of work in all our endeavors.

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