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Moss Agate

Moss Agate is a beautiful Agate with delicate green dendrites enclosed in colorless translucent silica.  Scientifically, this is actually a Chalcedony, but the name Moss Agate is widely recognized.  Most of the specimens on the market are from India, but it can also be found in central Europe, Uruguay and in the United States.  Moss Agate has a very sensible and practical energy, making it ideal for healers.  It is particularly recommended for pregnancy and labor & delivery to ensure a safe journey for mother and baby.  Moss Agate is also a wonderful addition to gardens, kitchens, and anywhere a witch might cultivate magic.

Moss Agate brings a spiritual awareness to everyday life. This is a stone which helps us to see the beauty of life and to feel refreshed in our soul. It puts us in touch with our Highest Self, allowing that to guide our actions. When placed in gardens or houseplants, Moss Agate attracts devas and other nature spirits which create a more lush and vibrant environment. Moss Agate is a wonderful manifestation stone and is particularly good for attracting wealth.

Moss Agate helps us to understand and release wounds from our past and embark on a new life. It radiates a very peaceful energy which can help calm mood swings and show us how to detach ourselves from addictions to emotional drama. Moss Agate is particularly useful for helping us deal with the daily challenges of life and to build and maintain a healthy self-esteem. It gives us the tenacity to survive stressful times and inspires us to be hopeful and determined to improve our future. By connecting us with our Highest Self, we are better equipped to self-sooth and give ourselves the emotional comfort, love and acceptance we sometimes really need. Moss Agate also improves communication skills and improves relationships.

Moss Agate helps us to see the positive side of things and to resist the urge to sweat the small stuff. There is a “wholesome” quality to Moss Agate which can help us to stay in integrity and to make good decisions that will serve us well in the future. Moss Agate reveals the bigger picture and reminds us to be patient, conscious and wise. This is a particularly good stone for anyone working in agriculture, botany, or environmental studies as it helps us to clearly communicate with plants and understand what is needed to make our world more healthy.

Moss Agate is recommended for women during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. One of its nicknames is the “midwife’s stone” and like a good midwife, Moss Agate has a calm, sensible and wise energy that can help women feel emotionally steady despite being in a physically stressful time of life. When we are suffering from a cold or flu, Moss Agate’s energy is reminiscent of a nurse or grandmother, reminding us to stay hydrated, drink our soup, and allow our body to rest so it can heal. As a talisman, Moss Agate is good for the lungs, particularly when we are concerned about air quality due to pollution or wildfires. It reminds us to seek out pure air whenever possible and to be conscious of our breath. It also makes a wonderful talisman for anyone suffering from a fungal infection who needs to take practical action to clear it up.

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