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Goddess Stones

These stones have a deep way of healing, allowing one to open and see into what the situation is. Work on the body holding them on both sides of an area with trauma and circle the stones to  guide energy into the area with the trauma, help relieve the congestion and create movement once again. 

These are powerful stones, that have a capacity for knowing what to help move to allow us to grow. A great help as we have a way of ignoring what needs to move, the traumas we hold, after a while that they are with us. While challenging to move through, the freedom that is created by moving the trauma through is worth the effort.

Descriptions of these geological curiosities have been found from the 18th century, indicating these unusual stones have been known for awhile. Native Americans and cultures worldwide have used these stones as symbols of Mother Earth. Algonquins called these pieces “Fairy Stones", carrying them as good luck charms during fishing and hunting expeditions, giving special pieces to their loved ones, and placing them in their homes for protection, prosperity, and good health. 

Each one of these stones contains its own special magic for the user. Calcite Fairy Stones are described in Judy Hall’s Crystal Bible as a “little helper” that must first adopt you. Like any Nature Spirit, the stone’s fairy helps take care of details, and provides a safe and nurturing space in which to work both spiritually and practically. These stones are very soothing, comforting and calming to hold. I have been keeping one by my computer and can’t resist reaching for it.

Calcite Fairy Stones assist the user in breaking down defensive walls and to release old hurts that no longer serve you. They help you find a way to respond positively to each new situation, to change one’s “fight or flight”conditioned response, no matter how complex or difficult. These stones can be immensely useful in meditation and for shamanic journeying to the lower world. Gazing at the unusual shapes and markings definitely changes one’s vibration to a higher level, while providing steadying, grounding energy to the deepest Earth. 

The Native Algonquins call them ''FAIRY STONES'' for hundreds of years.  They often carried them as lucky charms when they went on fishing or hunting expeditions.  Lovers offered the most beautiful ''FAIRY STONES'' to their loved ones.  The biggest specimens occupied a place of honor in their homes, or according to the legend, these special stones assured a protection against the bad spirits.  They also brought Good Health and Prosperity to the occupants of the premise.  One of the main rivers where to find fairy stones is the Harricana river, the second longest river in Canada so these '' fairy stones '' are at the origin of the name Harricana river.  In effects, when the first Indians came up the rivers towards Abitibi, a stop on these beaches made them realized the presence of these strange pebbles which for them; strangely look like ''biscuits''. This is the reason they named the river ''Harricana'' which means ''river of the biscuits'' in Algonquin language.

The originality and the forms of these stones are a phenomenon proper to Northern Quebec,Canada. They formed especially on the bottom of very big lakes with a glacier origin.  These stones are found in the soft deposits of the quaternary where they were found in the ponds having occupied the depression of the retreat of the big glacial front: subsequently they were carried by the water and deposited on the shores of some particular lakes and rivers.

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