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Healerite aka Noble Serpentine


Noble Serpentine, aka Healerite, is the name given to a subgroup of magnesium, asbestos, and silicate minerals formed in Serpentinite rock. It commonly crystallizes in the forms of masses, fibrous grains, and flat-like plates.

Healerite is a recently discovered gemstone that hails from the mountains of Washington State in the United States of America. It is a type of serpentine that is also known as noble serpentine, a term given to it by the gentleman who harvests it by hand. Healerite has the most stunning lime green color. It is the color that most people appear to be drawn to as if it's ‘love at first sight.’ You will not be able to put down the healerite after you have felt its glowing, bright healing vibration. It’s almost as if the stone commands you to hold, caress, and touch it.

Healerite's currents enter our bodies through the same energy pathways that are used in acupuncture. Its effects can be described as significantly increasing one's chi or life power.

Healerite works with the heart chakra and it is a good stone for emotional healing because of its beautiful green color. One receives a warm sensation of excitement and openness when they hold the Healerite gem. It seems to eliminate negative emotions and infuse your soul with a frequency of love and healing.

It reminds you that if you come from a place of openness, authenticity, and integrity, anything is possible. It is an excellent stone for releasing tension and rigidity, helping one to become more open and flexible. Allowing room is the message here – to create space around a painful situation rather than clinging to it so tightly that healing is impossible.

This is a stone with powerful healing energy. It is said that the currents of Healerite can enter the body at any location and transmit well-being emanations to the body and soul. This gem may foster the harmonic concord of consciousness, love and will through the connecting of the heart, solar plexus, and third eye chakras, helping one to manifest them more fully than ever before. 

Healerite energizes the liquid crystal body matrix, resulting in cellular rejuvenation. It promotes the optimal emotional states of joy, expansiveness, giving, intimacy, and heart-centered awareness on an emotional level. This stone is ‌useful for persons attempting to repair past emotional traumas, even those held unconsciously from previous lifetimes.

Healerite can also help practitioners in breaking the habit of being the wounded healer, or someone who helps others while neglecting their self-healing. It is a gemstone of planetary healing on a spiritual level. Planting this stone in locations where the etheric body of the earth has been damaged by traumas such as war, pollution, deforestation, or environmental exploitation may impact the spiritual rehabilitation of those areas. The advantages of such planting are ‌ amplified if done with clear intention and ritual. 

Healerite is an ideal stone for healing practitioners to use in treatment rooms and meditation areas. It resonates with angels, devas, and nature spirits, and individuals seeking to develop conscious communication with these beings may see improved and deepened connections. 

Healerite is a stone that children will easily connect with, and handling it can help them sustain states of peaceful and pleasant awareness. It may be used to soothe frazzled nerves, regulate the body and emotions, tune into the spiritual realms, and boost inner vitality and energy. When the subtle matter-energy of healerite thoroughly pervades one's being, one can feel years younger. This crystal acts as a stone of longevity and renewal, as well as basic healing.

Serpentine is a phenomenal meditation stone, both grounding and elevating. It cleanses and aligns the entire Chakra field and opens up psychic channels. It is one of the best stones for exploring Kundalini energy and creating pathways for that energy to rise. Serpentine connects the heart and mind to the natural world and teaches patience. It is particularly useful for “Old Souls” who use earth magic for large-scale healing rituals.

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