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Cintimani stones are glass like fragments of a meteor that impacted Earth while in a molten condition, causing it to form small glass fragments with highly pitted surfaces. 

Cintimanis are found in a very small 100 mile radius in Arizona, and are quite difficult to procure.

When seen with the naked eye, Cintimanis look like a common brown stone. Looking closer, you will see small moon-like craters and dimples. When held up to the sun, the color changes to a light lavender or grey-green opaqueness. But, when held up to a flashlight this stone blazes fiery orange to yellow and become nearly transparent, with black lines or dimples showing inside (on some of them, some are perfectly clear).

Cintimani Stone, aka Chintamani Stone, is a wish-fulfilling jewel within both Buddhist and Hindu traditions, said to be the equivolent of the Philosopher's Stone in Western alchemy. 

The word Cintimani itself translates to "wishing stone" or "thought-gem". 


As a philosophers stone, the Chintamani stone converts the vibrations that it is fed into new vibrations of love, light, and grace. "With love all things are possible".... Some practitioners report that burying the stone "can create a vortex of energy that creates boundaries against negative or undesired forces." Keeping the stone available and with you helps you create positivity in the world and reduce the bombardment of negativity that surrounds us.

It is 1 of several Mani Jewel images found in Buddhist scripture.
It is said to have originated in the Biblical planetary impact event where Lucifer is cast to Earth from Heaven. These hold THE highest vibration of any stone on Earth. Connected with Heaven, the Holy Grail, and the Knights Templar.

Cintamani Stones are known by Native Americans as She She Tay  Stones and are considered light huggers. They cannot be reprogramed, hold darkness or negative energy, but be aware as they will magnify and expose any darkness within you. Some mistake this purging transformation as "negative". Dreams will become lucid and intense and you may not sleep well if you wear these stones to bed or place them near where you rest. Remember, when light shines brighter, the shadows become more defined. 


Cintimani is the sacred stone of the Brotherhood of the Star, the last true remnant of the mystery schools of Light of Atlantis. It will dissolve implants of darkness and reveal to you your life's purpose and mission.

Keep in mind that the Cintimani operates off of your intentions for it. When we feed it, love, it magnifies that love. Whatever we feed the stone it becomes that and magnifies it. So it can help to bring abundance and prosperity to yourself and others.

Metaphysically these stones are said to be the most powerful gemstones yet discovered, even more powerful than Moldavite. Yet the Moldavite and Cintimani work well together, this stone being the female counterpart. If you are looking for love, light, and grace the Cintimani Stone is the place to start.

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