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Plummite is found primarily in Madagascar. It’s a form of orbicular jasper that brings more joy and happiness to your life and also helps you feel relaxed, balanced, and whole.


Plummite is energetically aligning and supports you with stabilizing earth energy. Its beautiful circular “poppy” flecks of color come about when the stone fractures and stitches back together, with hematite and quartz, and sometimes olivine filling in the cracks. It’s a tremendously uplifting stone and  will heighten the energy wherever you place them.

Plummite is a profound stone of deep joy, strength, organization, and mental fortitude. Similar to other variations of jasper, this gem is very grounding and associated with the lower chakras, and can even align them when there’s some form of imbalance.


Plummite eases your experience of daily stress and conflict, allowing you to greet each experience with greater optimism.


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