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Release Spell

A Release Spell is for Releasing Negativity, or Cord Cutting...

Here is the format I use for a fairly simple but strong Release Spell:

- Sit and meditate in a quiet secure space to center yourself.

- Call upon and build your Sacred Circle.

- Place a white candle in front of you and light it. Know that this candle represents pure divine light. It mirrors the infinite flame you feel within your heart and it represents your unique soul. The flame holds a steady flow of pure love as you perform this ritual. All of your intentions at this point will pass though the purifying light of this flame.

- Light your Sage and Cleanse your space, or spray your Smudge Spray.

- Cut 3 pieces of yarn into about a 12 inch section. I recommend using Red for Passion and Connection, Black for a Connection to All that is Around You, and White for Purity of Thought and to Bring Light and Clarity in.

- Tie the 3 pieces together at one end. Braid the strands together. As you do this. concentrate on binding all of your raw energy into this cord as you hold it. Really clear your mind and focus.

- Say: "This is my intention to cut all ties with negativity. In doing this I release that which only blocks my light. I allow the Divine Force to fill me with Wisdom and Love. I ask for Strength to Stay True to Myself."

Concentrate on putting all of your emotions, frustrations, questions and concerns into the cord. Take your time and focus as completely on it as you can. Remember it does not have to be pretty. It doesn’t matter how it looks, it’s all in how it feels. Visualize the negativity around you sinking into the cord, all that crap that has been bothering you melting into it.

- Once you feel a sense of space or clarity, it is time to release. Take the cord firmly in both hands and hold it over the flame. Concentrate on releasing all of that negativity as it burns... Say: "It is my Intention to release myself from the negativity that has been drawn to me. I forgive any pain that has come from this, and I am grateful for the lessons learned. I open myself to wisdom and the Light that flows through all. Negativity move away from me. As I will, so mote it be."

- Allow the cord to burn in the flame to purify it. Once you are sure it has been destroyed, place it in the bowl of water. Make sure the fire is safely out.

- Smudge yourself one last time.

- Release your Sacred Circle.

- If it is possible, pour the water into a hole in the Earth. If you do not have access to one, simply pour it out in a mindful way, while remembering and honoring your intention.

As with most Spells, meditation, focus and visualization are important factors. Please see my previous blog posts for more information if you need it.

For any questions, feel free to message me.

I do need to compile a post about building a Sacred Circle here soon!

Hail and Blessings,


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