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Meditation with Tektite improves the powers of telepathy. In general, wearing Tektite promotes psychic sensitivity, expands the energy field, opens and cleanses the lower chakras, and facilitates shamanistic journeys.

This is a black, opaque stone with an uneven surface. It is very dry to the touch. When polished, it can have a high luster.

Notable occurrences are in North America, Ivory Coast, Australia, Philippines, Java, Borneo, Thailand, and Tibet.

The name Tektite comes from the Greek word tektos, which means “molten”. Tektites are natural glass objects of meteorite origin. They are discovered as part of the driest rocks with average water content less than 0.005%. This is very unusual, as most of the craters where Tektites are dug out have been under water at the time of the fall of the meteors. Some of the Tektites are found with molten Zircons in their interior. It suggests that Tektites have been formed at very high temperatures and pressures that are not commonly encountered on Earth. Such conditions can create new compounds. The age of the Tektites is estimated at about ten million years.

There are other theories about the origin of Tektites. Because there are no noble gasses inside of them, the possibility of long distance travel across Cosmic space is less likely. The alternative theory is that they originate from the Moon. Some specimens brought to Earth from the Moon showed similar composition as some of the Tektites. However, not all Tektites display these similarities. Therefore, their origin still remains a mystery to date.

Formula:SiO2+Al2O3+Ca, Fe, Sr, Mg, Na, Ba


More than 2000 years ago, the Chinese people revered Tektite as a calligraphic pen of the Thunder god. Australian Aborigine tribes believed that Tektites bring good luck. In India, Tektites are considered among the sacred gems of God Krishna.

The Tibetan Tektite is a stone of strong energies, capable of awakening the Kundalini energy. It is thought to expand the consciousness, bring insights and clairvoyance, and deepen the exploration of one’s dreams.


Tektites are useful for acquiring wisdom and knowledge, getting support, and overcoming emotional crises.

Tektites can be used for extraterrestrial communication, astral travel, and inducing lucid dreams.


These stones can strengthen the human energy field. They bring us back to our spiritual core and help us loosen up the strong connection with the material side of life.


In healing, Tektite is usually placed on the forehead, where its energy penetrates deep into the body and has strong impact on all organs.

When used for healing, it should be cleansed often with running water. The charging is best done using the intense sunlight at around noon.

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