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Ulexite is a hydrated sodium calcium borate hydroxide mineral found in arid regions, salt playas and desiccated saline lakes. Ulexite can form a cotton ball of acicular crystals.

Ulexite also forms in compact veins with a parallel fibrous structure. When cut and polished with the fibres running between the polished faces, Ulexite displays an interesting optical characteristic. When a polished specimen is placed over a flat object, the image is transmitted through the fibres to the surface, without distortion, so that the object appears to be at the surface. This optical property, as a natural optical fibre, gives Ulexite its common name of TV Rock or TV Stone.

Ulexite should not come into contact with water.

Ulexite stimulates the third eye chakra, and is the crystal of vision. Ulexite facilitates accelerated development of clairvoyance, clairsentience, remote viewing, telepathic and channelling abilities.

Ulexite helps one read the energy of another with clarity and precision. Ulexite promotes creative endeavours, leading to moments of pure inspiration.

Ulexite connects one to soul consciousness, collective consciousness and cosmic consciousness, whilst decoding the visions received.

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