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Barite is a commonly occurring mineral that forms attractive iron red clusters and circular “Desert Rose” flowers of concentric bladed crystals. Barite symbolizes the realization that all things are possible and is an excellent stone for use in healing the earth.


In the story behind the Barite roses, it has been said that Indian Warriors who shifted from the physical world to spiritual world, returned at night and carved the roses. The Barite roses were scattered over a vast area so that the Indian warriors in the physical plane would not know where the spiritual warriors had congregated. The energy of the barite roses may be used to enhance love, facilitate clandestine meetings and to stimulate teamwork.


Barite provides insight into the “relationship connection” allowing the realization of independence, motivation, and the expectations of others and of your role in terms of the relationship. Barite may be used for the renewal of intuitive energies and communication of new ideas and thoughts. Barite gives one the incentive to “go for it” and assists with the manifestation of making your dreams become a physical reality.  


For those who seek insights and release of trapped emotions, Barite is an excellent stone for meditation bringing calm to your inner state and a heightened intuitive state. 


Barite assists in stimulating and cleanses the throat chakra. When placed on the Heart Chakra, Barite assists with the release of negative hateful emotions replacing the lower energy with the higher vibration of love. Barite has a gentle vibration and may be used long term to balance physical energy. 

Barite may be placed in an area of disturbed Earth energy. Barite is a useful stone for gridding, through its natural energy flow it helps one create a strong affinity with nature and devic forces. 

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