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Hagstones are said to have many uses:

Legend has it that they are used to ward off the dead, curses, sickness and nightmares.
Used to see invisible creatures, see a being free of its "glamour" and open up the doors to other realms.
In Europe used to ward off the evil eye and to keep a succubus away.
Also called a holey stone, it attracts fairies. Lore is if you look through the holes you can see a fairy that is nearby. Worn around the neck it protects you from being pixie-led. Believed it protects you from all of their enchantments.
In the UK it is still tied to the bows of a boat because of the belief that it protects against malevolent spells.
More than anything, these stones symbolize protection and warding and healing.
Work well worn around the neck.
Its believed that wearing a hagstone will help you heal. Or sleeping on top of 1, especially for aching joints

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