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Beta Quartz



Beta Quartz is a rare occurrence, mostly found in Rhyolite lava flows where the mineral “froze” in the rapidly cooled rock. Beta Quartz has a higher symmetry, is less dense and has a slightly lower specific gravity. At room temperature Beta Quartz is meta-stable, meaning given geologic time and some energy, it will change its internal structure to that of Alpha Quartz.


Beta Quartz shares the qualities of Quartz. In addition it has been used for both dowsing and divining, providing clear directional information and responding to all questions. There is a response and resolution to each question, no matter where, when, or what kind of question is posed.


Beta Quartz has been used for de-coding/encoding of patterns from dreams and visions, assisting in clear channels of communication from both the higher-self and the inner self; so the information flows freely and assists us in determining the appropriate and foremost actions which will enhance and strengthen our continuation on our chosen path.


Beta Quartz tends to bring energies of responsibility to the qualities of intuition. It represents the height of mental achievement, facilitating a limitless range of avenues for exploration.

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