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Bronzite belongs to the pyroxene group of minerals. It can occur in most mafic and ultramafic igneous rocks like serpentinites, peridotites, gabbros, and norites.

Bronzite is a gemological name for Enstatite. It’s a beautiful stone in chocolate brown color with shimmering golden swirls.

Some notable occurrences for this stone include the Czech Republic, Austria, Madagascar, Brazil, and USA.

Bronzite will work its energies on you so that you can keep your light and positivity but also have the courage and strength to fight life’s challenges.

This stone has a consistent frequency that powerfully eliminates or dispels negative energies, psychic attacks, hexes, and curses.

Its healing energies will remove your old and unhealthy attachments and break any trace of karmic bonds.

Bronzite also works as a guardian stone that will protect you from negative energies by neutralizing and transmuting them.

It will inspire you to remove all negative thoughts that cause you stress, depression, and anxiety and make you fall into destructive behavioral patterns.

Bronzite will strengthen your sense of purpose so that you will remain resilient and motivated in reaching your goals.

This stone can impart a lot of universal lessons that will help you better understand the cycles of life and transform the old into new.

Bronzite also has the ability to connect you to your spirit guardians and ancestral magic!

This stone is a very good manifestation stone if you want to attract more wealth and abundance in your life.

It’s a formidable ally when you need to protect yourself from dark magic or bad spells.

Bronzite is great at cleansing your chakras. It also works as a shaman stone that guides you through your journey, whether physical or dimensional.

It’s a wonderful stone to meditate to and study with because it will bring you calm and peace and help you create your very own sacred sanctuary.

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