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Tremolite is a member of the Amphibole group that was first discovered in Switzerland in 1789. There is a fibrous form of Tremolite that is toxic. If the pieces are blade like with lots of tiny fibres and it’s a bit crumbly, delicate or bits of fibre come off, that is the toxic form that should be avoided or used with gloves.

At high pressure and temperatures through volcanic action, Tremolite will eventually morph into Diopside. So the crystal group and what Tremolite converts into give us a clue as to what it’s energy is all about. It is Earth, heart and spirit centered.

One of the things Tremolite is known for is the ability to soak up and emanate the energy of the area it was found. It never loses this energy either and it cannot be programmed out. It forms Tremolite’s base vibration.

Tremolite is a strong Earth crystal and amazing for any form of Earth, distance, global or collective healing/energy work. It is brilliant for focusing on people or places far away via distant healing & visualisation.

Tremolite is usually found near energy sites around the Earth called Vortex sites ( where the entire area is part of a shifting vortex of energy ). Those familiar with or having a connection to Table Mountain or Dragon energy may feel Tremolite on even deeper levels.

Tremolite is not really a mineral that works in the traditional ways.  It doesn’t seem to do much with the mind except open it up ~ the energy works on our heart and crown upwards. It’s Earth connection is through the heart, not the feet. I’d call it a connector ~ connecting us to any form of energies that are higher or bigger than we can create on our own. It’s more about doing the healing work our Soul is called to do rather than what our mind thinks we should do. If you work with Matrix based energy, it taps you right in.

Tremolite is a fantastic tool to use for spiritual journeying, astral travel, Earth healing, distant healing, dream work, shamanic work, reiki, working with dragon energies, drawing our Spirit team or angelic guides closer and allowing us to open our mind and perception to things we hadn’t seen before.

Tremolite connects us to positive and supportive energies external to ourselves and draws them in through the Crown or Heart. We can in turn then send that energy out through a crystal grid, via our own visualisation or energy direction skills. Simply hold a firm vision or focus on a photograph of a person or area and see vibrant, green, fresh, clear, healing energy flowing out of you, across the miles and saturating your focal point.

It’s an odd one as Tremolite isn’t grounding, but I never felt ungrounded when working with it either, despite how much it impacted the heart & head. I wouldn’t keep it in the bedroom as it can stimulate our dreams. If you’re journaling your dreams or would like to experiment with Tremolite & dreaming, program the mineral consciously and specifically, to include your protection at all times and pop it under your pillow inside the pillowcase.

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