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Cinnabrite, or Cinabrite, is a happy combination of white Scapolite and pink Thulite found only in Peru.  It was introduced to the metaphysical market in the 21st century.  It’s name is very similar to a highly-toxic mineral called Cinnabar which has a high mercury content.  Cinabrite however is completely safe to handle, as it has no realtion to Cinnabar. 

Cinabrite is a contact metamorphic rock. Contact metamorphism is the process by which a rock is changed by the pressure and extreme heat caused by a body of intruding magma. This interaction between the rock and magma often results in the formation of valuable minerals, such as Garnets and Zeolites, as well as Tanzanite, Scolecite, and Stilbite. In the case of Cinabrite, the original rock was most likely a Limestone, a sedimentary rock,  rich in the white mineral Scapolite. During the metamorphic process, Thulite, (pink Epidot), was created within the Limestone and combined with the Scapolite to produce Cinabrite.


It was named after a southeast-Asian plant, Dracaena cinnabari, or “Dragon’s Blood” that is often used to make incense and red dyes.  Cinabrite is a stone of joyful independence and justice.  Its energy will give confidence to anyone who wants to change the world for the better.

Cinabrite has a sweet questing energy that asks us to look deep within ourselves to find the answers we are seeking. It gives us insights into which parts of ourselves are already perfect and which parts need to be tweaked so that we can enjoy greater peace and happiness in our lives. Cinabrite reveals the divinity within us, our own perfection, and shows us that we contain all the power in the world inside us if we only dare to look closely. Cinabrite can also be used to help us to connect directly with our Highest Self and other spiritual guides such as angels.

Cinabrite is a stone for independence and courage. It reminds us that we are capable of changing ourselves and our world. It urges us, gently but firmly, to let go of any attachment to being a victim. Instead, it teaches us to acknowledge the past and present for what they are, and then actively spend our energy working to create a better future. Cinabrite gives us emotional endurance and clarity so that we can achieve our goals and stay the course. It also reminds us to keep a positive outlook and remain hopeful that, given time, Love, Truth, Justice, and Mercy will ultimately win.

Cinabrite nurtures our eloquence, sense of humor, creativity, and self-confidence. Under its influence we speak both logically and lovingly. It is a fantastic talisman for anyone involved in social justice groups, as well as public speakers, entertainers, writers, teachers, and anyone else who seeks to affect other people’s thoughts and actions. Cinabrite can only be used for good, and constantly reminds us that we must be truthful in our words and deeds. It also reminds us that life is a joyful thing, and that we must not let solemnity color our perceptions too often. Laughter is good medicine for both the heart and body, and it also serves to make new ideas more palatable and memorable.

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