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Copper was in use as early as 9000 BC in the Middle East, and was certainly used for magical purposes by ancient pagans. In the pagan Greek tradition, there were seven planets and seven known metals. Each metal and planet is associated with a pagan god.

Copper is linked with Venus; both the planet and the goddess of love; it is the universal symbol for female and represented by the symbol ankh in hieroglyphics; the symbol for eternal life. The character of the planet and goddess Venus is passive, receptive, magnetic, feminine, relating, adapting, kindness, gentleness, and enjoyment.

Copper is associated with the Goddesses Aphrodite, Astarte and Ishtar. It is also associated with the country of Cyprus which most claim to be “The Sacred Isle of the Goddess Venus”, and how copper got its name.

In pagan tradition, after the birth of Venus, she washed up on the shore of Cyprus on a clam shell; In Homer’s Odyssey; Venus goes to Cyprus to the city of Paphos for an oil rubdown after being humiliated before the other Olympians. Kupros was another name for Venus, and the island of Cyprus was considered her special place.

North Americans pronounce, “Cyprus” as “Psy-press”; but the Greeks pronounce it as “Ku-pros,” which is some sort of homophone for copper when pronounced. This pronunciation is also English for the chemical compound of copper (Cu.), such as “Cuprous Carbonate,” the green patina that forms on copper and its alloy when exposed to natural weathering and oxidation. A freshly exposed surface of copper has a reddish-orange color.

Copper is one of the most inexpensive and probably the easiest metal to obtain. Found in nuggets, sometimes in rough spiky crystal-clumps or strands; it is ductile with very high thermal and electrical conductivity. Pure copper is soft and malleable.

Copper is known to have a great connecting power. It can easily combine with other metals to form an alloy such as bronze; a combination of tin and copper. A time period in the development of modern civilization is also called the Bronze age.

Copper easily transfers warmth and electricity, which makes it a powerful metal that directs energy, both electrical and physical. Esoterics believes it to be great for directing Magickal energy to acts as an aide in the body’s healing process.  They also attribute many of the same wonderful healing qualities to crystals and minerals that contain copper traces.

Esoterics believe that it is the super conductor in facilitating the transfer of energies and uses it in creating crystal wands and other means of transferring the energy of crystals. It is often used in tandem with lucky gemstones and a preferred metal for making witching wands. It is common in rituals involving love, but it is also powerful when it comes to money. It is often considered a good luck metal:  bits of copper, when placed in the kitchen will attract money.

Healers base their belief in copper’s power to heal the mind and body based on the metal’s energy conducting properties. Since copper is a good conductor of energy; it can move psychic or mental energies thereby helping the wearer overcome lethargic tendencies, resulting in a more vitalized individual with amplified thoughts. They also attribute the powers of communication, channeling, cleansing, purification, increased self-esteem and freeing the wearer of mental burdens.

Coppers’ popularity for healing began to see a rise in popularity in the west starting in the early 70s. People who believe in its healing power acknowledged it as a very powerful instrument against arthritic and rheumatic ailments. They also turn to copper for its healing properties in improving the circulation of blood, increasing energy, detoxification, reducing inflammation, stabilizing metabolism and improving oxygen use.    


Believers swear that copper positively influences blood circulation in the body since it also stimulates the hormones and vitamins that are transported through the blood. Copper supposedly eases the pain of sciatica, pulled muscles, arthritis and rheumatism. Today, many arthritis sufferers wear copper bracelets to relieve pain.

Others claim that because the astrological sign Libra; which is represented by a set of balancing scales is ruled by the planet Venus; copper is supposed to have a “balancing” effect upon whatever body part it touches. 

When a person is ill, it is believed that the energies in the body are not in balance or are blocked and copper is worn usually on the receiving side of the body (non-dominant), to balance these energies and to stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities.  It is supposed to harmonize the body’s energies and readjusts any misalignment of the body’s polarity clearing blockages in the flow of energy.  Copper is also supposed to act as a love charm on the basis of the previously noted association with Venus the Goddess of Love.  Copper strengthens the consciousness of its wearer and strengthens the bonds of family.

In ancient Egypt, it is used for sterilizing wounds and drinking water, and as time passed, for headaches, burns, and itching. Hippocrates used copper to treat leg ulcers associated with varicose veins. Ancient Aztecs fought sore throats by gargling with copper mixtures.

A word of caution: Copper when can cause Copperiedus poisoning. Copper in the body has been linked to liver cirrhosis and Alzheimer’s disease. Elixirs using copper should be created using indirect methods only. A mask should be worn when cutting copper or sharpening copper tools. It is safe to handle, but you should wash your hands afterwards.

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