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Vivianite is a hydrated iron phosphate that belongs to the vivianite group of minerals. Vivianite has vibrant colours such as blue, green and colourless with a vitreous lustre.
Many clusters are found inside of fossil, clam or snail shells or attached to fossil animal bone. Vivianite is transparent to translucent and occurs as radiating clusters of prismatic, acicular, or fibrous crystals, also earthy and encrusting masses.

Vivianite is a truly beautiful stone but it shouldn't be kept on permanent display, particularly in direct sunlight as it will darken to almost black. This phenomena is due to the oxidation of the iron content in the stone. Use vivianite for healing or empowerment and then place it in a dark place or wrapped in dark silk to maintain its colour.  This is also an extremely fragile stone, shedding should be expected...

Vivianite can also form in, on, and around human remains. It appears as crusty patches on bones, needle-like crystals within the pulpy centers of teeth, and discolored blotches on skin. It’s also been found on adipocere, the waxy gunk occasionally produced as fat-filled flesh breaks down under cold and wet conditions.

Partially blue human remains have been recovered from graveyards, past war zones, and alpine lakes and glaciers. As iron is an essential ingredient in vivianite, it tends to show up in naturally iron-rich locales or in cases where a corpse ends up near a source of the metal: cannonballs strewn about a battlefield, the site of a plane crash, or iron coffins in an older cemetery. 

Vivianite is a powerful healer, reminding the body how to heal itself. It is not only meant for emotional healing, but is 1 of the best crystals out there for physical pain relief!

Vivianite is a stone that helps one dive deep into their heart, healing wounds old and new. It brings gentleness and awareness to some who may not normally tend to share these qualities while bringing compassion about yourself and others around you. Vivianite is a stone full of peace and love and will relight the care you may have lost for the closest people around you.

As well as unlocking the heart, Vivianite also assists in removing negativity and unwanted energies from your mind, body, and auric field. For people who are dealing with depression and anxiety about yourself, Vivianite is highly recommended for you. It will help take away that feeling of “being uncomfortable in your own skin” and aid in embracing the beauty in yourself. 

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