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Nellite, also known as Lionskin or Honey Stone, is a Quartz silicate that crystallizes in the form of masses. It occurs when Tiger Eye and Pietersite meet and is thus a combination of both. The blue and golden minerals meet to form an extremely rare and unique appearance that glistens and shows it’s true chatoyancy. Nellite is found in select mines in both South Africa and Namibia. Interesting to note is that it is extremely rare to come across large deposits. Seeing this stone in any form other than tumbled is highly unusual. Beware that the price to be similar to that of pure Pietersite itself.

Nellite infuses the creative energy of Tiger Eye with the intuitiveness of Pietersite. One’s personal will, will be able to directly connect with their mind and more specifically their third eye. The dreams and desires that we hope are a part of our destiny can become a reality if you truly have belief in yourself. Nellite awakens one’s confidence and infuses your body with self-belief and appreciation for your accomplishments thus far. One knows that this is clearly not the end goal, yet tapping into Nellite’s energies can be the first step in achieving them! Through the love of oneself, and the relinquishing of self-doubt, anything in this world is possible. You are the creator of your universe and the curator for what goes in it. Nellite will constantly remind you of that and will offer a “tunnel-vision” mentality to serve you on your journey. Work with this stone as much as possible and become comfortable with the energies that will soon reignite your growth cycle.

If you want to learn more about the energies of Tiger Eye and Pietersite, we have full crystal descriptions located on the “Crystal Lore” section of our site!

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