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Rare and deeply spiritual, Creedite is a Stone of the Light, known for its high vibrational frequency and immediate access to a clear meditative state. Its powerful energy quickly activates the Third Eye, Crown and etheric chakras above the head, creating a gentle expansive awareness and cleansing euphoria. Continued resonance with this stone deepens the connection down through the body, and provides excellent channels for meditation, creative visualization and receiving inspiration from the Divine.

Creedite crystals are white, colorless, orange, and sometimes purple. It is a rare mineral, with the best specimens originating in Mexico. Orange Creedite forms in porcupine-like balls with spiny bristles going out in all directions, while the other colors are more often found in druzy form, small crystals covering part or all of a host stone.

Creedite is a powerful guardian of spiritual health and a facilitator for accessing and understanding ancient knowledge encoded in Atlantean Record Keepers and Lemurian Seed Crystals.

Creedite assists in following through with plans and decisions that have been repeatedly postponed. In the workplace, a Creedite cluster ensures things get done and encourages high standards. 

Creedite purifies the heart, helping you to get over a love that logically could never have been right, or a relationship that cannot be revived.

In addition to the properties common in all Creedite crystals, the following colors carry additional properties:

Purple Creedite is the strongest for gaining spiritual information through meditation with one's guides, angels, and Higher Self. It also inspires the confidence and determination to make the time for your personal and spiritual enrichment. Violet Creedite also restores the balance in spirit energy of the crown chakra, particularly when the blockage is the inability to dream or understand your dreams.

Orange Creedite stimulates creative vision and is an excellent crystal for raising the vibration of work space. Its cluster formation radiates energy out to the surrounding environment, absorbing and cleansing negative energies, and can be gridded and left in place. This stone will purify other crystals but will need cleansing afterward. Orange Creedite promotes success in one's career or a relocation, particularly when independence is an issue. 

White or colorless Creedite activates the entire energetic field, assisting the physical body in shifting its base resonance to a higher vibration. It facilitates ease in making necessary, if not desired, life changes.

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