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Dragon Septarian

Septarian is also known as ‘Dragon Stone’

Its name ‘Dragon Stone’ comes from an old Malagasy legend.  It is said that when the ‘Dragons’ died out they fossilized & became part of the sea bed that later became Septereye/Septarian & it is this formation that resembles the ‘Scales of Dragons’ 

Septarian concretions or Septarian nodules, are concretions containing angular cavities or cracks, which are called “septaria”. The word comes from the Latin word septum; “partion”, and refers to the cracks/separations in this kind of rock. One occasionally finds the erroneous explanation that it comes from the Latin word for “seven”, septem, referring to the number of cracks that commonly occur, but this is incorrect.

Septarian are strong Shamanic stones harnessing the different vibrational energies of the stones they are made up of.  A combination of calcite, limestone (chalcedony) and aragonite, this stone brings a very calming, protective energy that is ancient and magical.

They are  an amazing stone for healers…if you find yourself unsure how to best proceed with treatment simply consult one of these ancient beauties in meditation for additional assistance from your guides!  A phenomenal stone for connecting you with your guides Septarian expands the waking consciousness of the third eye and crown chakras and enables the throat chakra to assist you in delivering your healing guidance.

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