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Fluorapatite is calcium fluorophosphate mineral.

It is colorless in its purest form but often contains impurities like iron that creates its orange, brown, yellow-green, or yellow colors.

Fluorapatite is a type of Apatite with a predominance of fluorine.

The name Apatite is derived from the Greek word that means‘to deceive’,which pertains to Fluorapatite’s similarity to other more valuable stones, such as Beryl, Peridot, and Olivine.

The energies of Fluorapatite resonate with the heart and solar plexus chakras. They will stimulate them so that you will always have a positive outlook, no matter how difficult your situation in life is. This stone will help you look at your experiences with a heart-based perspective.


Fluorapatite will strengthen your personal willpower so that you will be more responsible about your actions and follow through on them to attain your goals. It will bring clarity to your thoughts so that you can make the right decisions and move on with life with courage and confidence. It will inspire you to do everything guided by your knowledge of what’s for the best and highest good. Fluorapatite will also give you emotional balance so that you will know what’s right and true in your heart.

It is a facilitator stone that will enhance the properties of other stones and crystals that you combine it with, which will bring about the desired results more quickly.

It is a healing stone that will balance and align your physical, spiritual, and etheric bodies. It will bring all your chakras to their best energy levels and cleanse them as well.

Fluorapatite is an excellent stone for bringing people together and providing resolutions to group issues. It will enhance interpersonal relationships and iron out differences.

This stone is also associated with teaching and conducting humanitarian efforts.

Fluorapatite will enhance your communication and expression on all levels. It will encourage honesty and openness. It will also ease awkward social situations and make your more confident and self-assured.

Fluorapatite is a good balancer of emotions, energies, and chakras. It will also balance your subtle body, as well as the female and male aspects of yourself.

This stone will be very beneficial to those who tend to be overemotional. It will strengthen your ability to find logical solutions and achieve a calm state of mind.

Fluorapatite will also help develop your psychic gifts, such as clairaudience and clairvoyance.

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