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Girasol Quartz


Girasol is a pale pink quartz variety. It’s often clear and milky.

The name Girasol is from the Italian word girasol, which means “turn towards the sun”.

In Geology, the term girasol effect is used when a mineral exhibits an internal floating glow, which is often golden yellow, blue, or white, and moves with light changes.

This can also refer to the haziness created by scattered light.

Girasol is also known as Foggy Quartz, Pearl Quartz, Moon Opal, Blue Opal Quartz, and Moon Quartz.

Girasol will greatly improve your communication skills. This will benefit your personal and professional relationships.

It will deepen your connection with your family, with your significant other, with your friends, and with your work colleagues.

The energies of Girasol will also guide you in seeing the truth when it comes to a particular issue.

It will allow you to speak more freely and share what’s on your mind.

Even the things that belong to the past that continue to affect you and hold you back in the present.

Girasol is an excellent stone for getting you back on a neutral or balanced ground.

It will help you set up boundaries so that you can prevent problems from occurring. Whenever they do, you will also know exactly what you should do to overcome them.

Girasol will guide you to the right direction and allow you to be more imaginative and creative.

It will encourage you to weigh your options in everything you do, and to take control of your impulsive or wayward behaviors.

The energies of Girasol will inspire you to think things through before you go ahead with something so that you will not end up hurt, disappointed, or regretful.

Girasol will bring you feelings of hope and optimism. Whatever challenges you’re currently going through at work or with your personal life, you will also be able to overcome them.

Girasol is a stone that holds a gentle but potent energy that will help you better see your visualizations. This also makes it a stone that will support dream work and manifestation.

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