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Golden Healer


Golden Healer, also known as Gold Quartz, Limonite in Quartz or Golden Healer Quartz, is a Clear Quartz crystal that has natural inclusions of golden or yellow iron oxide minerals. The beautiful streaks of different hues of gold lattice come from the weathering of iron over time, giving this crystal unlimited fractals of healing energy. 

Golden Healer is the ultimate crystal to connect with the healing golden ray of the universe, that provides purity by connecting and cleansing the chakra body. Healing your physical, mental and auric field is much more tangible when utilizing this stone. Visualizing golden rays of sun and pure gold light in meditation will amplify the transformation and expansion of awareness.

Like a beautiful ray of sunshine, Golden Healer activates the Solar Plexus which will light your path and allow for a youthful glow of self-confidence. It also opens and activates the Crown chakra for downloads and upgrades to your auric field. It is the crystal for magic, imagination, wonder and divine alignment. Golden Healer is known as one of the "Master Healers" with the ability to fill the auric field with light, restoring natural balance and harmony.

Golden Healer is a powerful multi-level healer of all pain, emotional or physical. It can also bring your astral body back into harmony with your physical body. It fills the body with golden light and allows for intentional healing of any individual needs. 

Golden Healer resonates with the highest vibrational frequency of all dimensions and creates a pulsating energy of pure life force, which cleanses the chakra body and meridians of any unwanted karmic debris. This crystal can activate an unspoken understanding of transcendence, that only comes from the wisdom of past lives. As we ascend into a dimension of more limitlessness, this crystal will allow the mind to grasp an exploration of the great mysteries from the past which bridges the future. There is so much magic to behold and discover. Golden Healer allows healers of all kinds to activate the unbreakable force of golden light that we are born with. This crystal complements channelers, meditation guides, yoga teachers, reiki masters and life-energy students of all kinds. 

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