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Goldstone, often mistaken for a natural crystal, is in fact a man-made glass material infused with copper particles, giving it a unique, glittering appearance. Although it is not a genuine crystal, goldstone has captivated people for centuries with its striking beauty and lustrous shine. This dazzling material is available in a variety of colors, with the most common hues being blue, green, and the classic reddish-brown. The different colors are achieved by using various metal oxides during the manufacturing process, resulting in an array of stunning goldstone variations. Despite its synthetic origins, goldstone remains a popular choice for jewelry, decorative items, and even as a focal point in spiritual practices for those who appreciate its aesthetic allure.

Goldstone is said to be a master healer as Copper amplifies and transmits thought, conducts electrical impulses and magnifies the energy transfer from the healer or from minerals to the subject of healing. 


Not all that glitters is gold but the stone of ambition calls in a different kind of wealth and wonder. Sometimes, the most precious things we have include the magic of our own minds, the lofty lore of our imagination, and the power of self-belief. These are all the things that the Goldstone encompasses. It’s a gem that speaks of grounding, creating, and believing in our own ability to heal.  


Goldstone has been used as an energy generator and a protection stone, as it deflects unwanted energies. 


Goldstone is effective when sending healing energies from the heart, from the throat and from the third eye. Goldstone is said to increase the healing energies emanating from the hands and often used in distant healing.  This stone is gently uplifting, combats restlessness and stimulates optimism.  It is also helpful to the solar plexus as the stone reduces stomach tension.

There are several different varieties of Goldstone out there and each brings its own healing traits to the party. Whether sunset hues or cool vibrations, here are some of the ways in which different shades of Goldstone have got you covered. 

  • Green Goldstone - Unblocks the heart chakra, strengthens your commitment to self-care.

  • Blue Goldstone - Ideal for empaths as it helps clear throat chakra blockages so you can implement boundaries. Also soothes hypersensitive natures and encourages self-acceptance.

  • Brown Goldstone - Rich and earthly, the Brown Goldstone awakens the sacral chakra, encourages positive flow, kicks out negative energy, and revitalizes the body.

  • Red Goldstone - Confidence and ambition flow with the Red Goldstone. Infused with passion and drive, this shade of stone reminds you to go out and get it.

A divine detox stone, this gem is here to renew your spirit, body, and your mind. Goldstone is a great booster for the body as it encourages healthy circulation and tissue regeneration too. It can also sharpen the mind and turn up the dial on those low energy levels. The added benefit of copper being very present in Goldstone also means you get those healing properties too. Copper is known for fighting inflammation and supporting the body’s natural healing process.

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