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Kammererite is a rare chromium-rich variety of Clinochlore and member of the Chlorite family. It crystallizes in the form of masses, pyramid-like micropoints, and hexagonal crystals. The color can range from dark red, to purple, and even violet. This depends on the amount of chromium impurities within. It was first discovered in 1841 by Nils Gustaf Nordenskiöld, a Finnish mineralogist who chose to name it after August Alexander Kämmerer. Kämmerer was a famous chemist and at the time, the mining director of St. Petersburg, Russia. Since then, it has been discovered only a handful of times in Russia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the United States, and recently, Turkey. 

Kammererite is a high tiered stone that harnesses the key to unlocking your soul. It can assist in helping you rise out of your physical body. The violet rays of this stone assist in bridging the spiritual and physical worlds together. This can allow one to ascend to a higher plane of consciousness. Within these timeless realms, an experienced practitioner can navigate their spirit to endless dimensions full of knowledge. This includes access to the Akashic Records, which is an ancient astral plane that holds the truth to life and the universe. We suggest meditating with this stone directly over your third eye or crown chakra. These upper activation points of the body, when awakened together, allow one the ability to see past their third-dimensional realm. For those of you who practice remote viewing, lucid dreaming, and astral recall, there are very few stones stronger than Kammererite. This mineral’s energies are most abundant in the dream realm which require your consciousness to be vibrating at a higher level. 

Placing this stone in the room you meditate in can have profound effects on your mind. The results interject your internal frequency, aiding in the attunement of your spirit into other realms. During these experiences, one may notice increased visual clarity and understanding of the symbolic imagery you are seeing. This is a direct representation of the effects Kammererite has on your mind. Our inner intuition rises when working with this stone and transmutes significant ideology to things we will understand. This grounding effect will better your understanding of who you truly are, as well as your purpose here on Earth. Kammererite is extremely powerful in crystal grids and has the ability to raise your internal vibration. Try placing this mineral in the center of your grid surrounded by other high energetic stones.

We highly recommend carrying a piece on you at all times so you can raise the energy of your aura. One’s passive ability to increase their presence here on Earth will have profound effects on your growth as you move forward!

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