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Lazulite is a magnesium iron aluminium phosphate hydroxide that belongs to the phosphate class of minerals.  Lazulite is a relatively rare mineral that gets easily confused with other, more well known, minerals.
Lazulite is named from an Arabic word for "heaven" in allusion to its sky blue colour.

Lazulite occurs as a dark azure-blue to a bright indigo blue or even a blue-green stone that is vitreous to dull in lustre. The crystals are generally translucent and have a di-pyramidal form that comes close to looking like a distorted octahedron, usually flattened to the point of being a tabular crystal.

Lazurite can be found in Austria, Switzerland, Brazil, USA and Canada.

Lazulite controls your insight and helps you find the answers to life's questions. It provides peace, increases self-respect, maintains a balance in life, relieves tension and provides you with positive energy. Drawing in pure universal energy and stimulating intuition, promoting balance and cosmic alignment, Lazulite induces profound states of bliss. 

This is a crystal of purity for all who were robbed of their innocence at a young age to believe again in the innate goodness of most people. 

This stone is ideal for men who find it hard to settle into a relationship or family life. 

Keep lazulite included in quartz in your home if you have rebellious teenagers and don't wish to be in constant disputes with them.

Lazulite’s ability to facilitate alternate-life exploration can assist you in identifying and releasing emotional patterns from other lifetimes.

​Lazulite clears the throat of things you couldn't say, it helps you speak out to speak your truth and releasing what can't be said out loud. It opens the throat for creativity and helps in healing and opening the templates between energy bodies.


 Lazulite also enhances self-respect and confidence.​ ​


Lazulite is helpful in finding the causes of addiction, especially if they are related to the past life. It is also helpful in finding the solutions to basic and serious problems.

It stops fears and doubts from emerging into the mind. It relieves a person from all their tensions in life and makes you discuss your fears with others. Lazulite helps a person see the reality of this life.

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