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Meteorites are stones that originate in outer space from particles of comets, the asteroid belt, and planets and have survived the fall through Earths atmosphere. The composition and color range of the meteorite is varied. There are three classes of meteorite: the irons, chondrites, and achondrites. The irons are comprised of mainly iron and nickel; the chondrites are comprised of stone, and the achondrites are comprised of very rare stony irons consisting of stone fragments and/or beautiful olivine crystals imbedded in a nickel-iron matrix.

Meteorites are a gift from another world. Many cultures consider the Meteorite to be sacred and are considered to have supernatural powers. Meteorite represents the energy of other worlds and allows for the access of this special energy to the user.


The Meteorite may be used for balancing and aligning the energetic fields of the body.  Meteorite enhances communication on this plane and may provide access to stored internal information relevant to ones needs. Meteorite encourages strength and stamina required for endurance. Meteorite gathers the loving energy of unknown cultures and presents it to the residents of the Earth, allowing for the realization that we are only guests on this planet.


Meteorite assists with actualization of the purpose of our presence on this planet.


Meteorite emits a trusting energy allowing one to be open to the exchanges of confidence. Meteorite provides introspection and wonder to the thoughts of enlightened beings and promotes the reality of All that is.


Meteorite is an excellent stone for walk-ins; providing them with a stabilizing effect with respect to unfamiliar behavior patterns and new environments.

Meteorite offers strength and hope in the face of a long struggle or physical ailment.


Nickel-Iron Meteorites are almost completely metallic, being composed of blended nickel and iron. These meteorites are composed of the same material that forms the Earths core, and they may come from the cores of destroyed planets or the planet forming bodies called planetesimals. These meteorites can be sliced and etched, revealing patterns of cross-hatched lines, called Widmanstatten figures. They, in ancient times, were considered as a prized source of metal for making weapons. Nickel-Iron Meteorite's high vibration intensity activates the kundalini channel along the spine. Nickel-Iron Meteorites are powered with the energies of the stars. Nickel-Iron Meteorite facilitates great awakenings and changes take the leap supported by the cosmic energies of Nickel-Iron Meteorite and enjoy the journey. Nickel-Iron Meteorites helps one develop patience on the spiritual path. Nickel-Iron Meteorites helps one find the spiritual in the most mundane of daily tasks and the enjoyment of the structure of routine in ones life. Nickel-Iron Meteorite is helpful in seeing projects through to completion. Nickel-Iron Meteorite bring emotional balance and help one develop and understand wisdom that come from emotional experiences.


In crystal body layouts or healing grids, Nickel-Iron Meteorite stimulate the third-eye and crown chakras preparing one for inner vision and spiritual awakening. Placed on the root chakra, Nickel-Iron Meteorite awakens the kundalini energies and provides a good source of grounding. When placed on the Solar Plexus chakra, this Meteorite stimulates the right action honoring the gifts of spiritual awakening and transformation.

Chondrite Meteorites are stony meteorites containing silicate materials mostly Pyroxene and Olivine and small amounts of Plagioclase Feldspar and Nickel-iron. Their structure consists of small spherical grains called chondrules. Chondrites have been radioactively dated as being up to 4.6 billion years old. They may have come from the mantle of planetesimals. These are the most common form of meteorites.

Chondrite Meteorite vibrates at the frequencies most attuned to interdimensional communication with and among ETs. Similar to Quartz Crystal, Chondrites are programmable and may be used to store information. Meditation with Chondrite Meteorite may help one to discover esoteric knowledge and latent programming. Chondrite Meteorite contain the information of the spiritual records and chronicle the histories of the etheric entities of the solar system. Chondrite Meteorite is the tool for astral travelers who want to explore the cosmic consciousness associated with each planet and its astrological traits. Chondrite Meteorite assists those who have come here from other solar systems known as "walk-ins." Chondrite Meteorite assists with grounding by providing a stabilizing effect with respect to unfamiliar behavior patterns and new environments.


Achondrites or Pallasite Meteorite are composed of a lattice of nickel-iron with pockets of yellow-green Olivine crystals throughout the meteorite and contains a high proportion of silicate material. Pallasite Meteorites may have originated in planetesimals, although their composition suggests that they could be of volcanic origin. Pallasite Meteorite opens the cosmic portal with loving heart vibrations allowing one to experience the resonating vibrations between oneself and the universe. Pallasite Meteorite helps one lose the fear of expanding consciousness beyond the body. Pallasite Meteorite is for flying whether it is to release you from the fear of flying or facilitating astral travel. Pallasite Meteorite may be used to assist connection with the fairy and devic realms. Pallasite Meteorite's potent energetic vibrations assists with manifesting prosperity and abundance in ones material life and releasing scarcity issues. It encourages thought brought forth through action into ones reality.


In crystal body layouts or healing grids, Pallasite Meteorite stimulate the heart chakra and increases the visionary capacities of the third eye chakra. The Pallasite Meteorite is extremely helpful for empathic individuals to remain grounded.


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