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Going into the Winter Solstice and Yule Season is a fantastic time to discuss manifestation. This Sabbat (Holiday) is all about the balance between life and death, light and dark... which makes it a perfect time to get in touch with your goals for the year and make them turn into reality.

So, What is Manifestation Magic? By definition, it is the process of focusing your thoughts on a personal goal to reach the desired outcome. In order words, it is magic LOL

When we perform a spell or magick, we set our intentions, raise the energy to meet our goal, and let that energy cycle through the universe and the space around us. So is manifestation magick different? It can be, yes. When we perform a spell we can be, generally speaking, quite nonspecific. When we manifest, we need to be as specific as possible. The energy is literally in the details. There are a lot that only think of magic and spell work when it comes to this practice, but there is so much more to it. Another form of manifesting is getting into true alchemy, and turning negative thought processes and correlations into positive and productive energies.

We all have our triggers. Part of manifesting our own reality is to move past our triggers and turn them into something that does not bother us as much, if at all. I am quite aware that there are some terrible circumstances that you, our friend and reader, may have gone through and seem impossible to rise above.... but most of us have been there at some point in our lives. If you are motivated and want to, there are ways to turn those scary and cringe-worthy thoughts and feelings you get when you get triggered into positivity. For example, years and years ago my life changed. It was a horrible upheaval for everyone involved and a very abusive situation. We got out. But every time I thought about it, and was around the area where the abuse occurred, I would start panicking... couldn't breathe, got super sweaty, full blown feeling like I was being thrown back into that situation and not able to function. I would just shut down. It was horrid! I knew I needed to do something about it. So, I turned to alchemy and started to take baby steps. When I mentally stepped slightly in that direction, I would focus my mind on my love for the woods, feeling how calm it has always made me, able to let my hair down and breathe freely... For just moments at a time... And I started to heal. Now I can talk about it and help others who were in past abusive relationships, and I am ok. Sometimes it still does bother me a little bit, but I was able to turn those nasty feelings into a calming center and be able to focus on what I am doing without closing myself off to the world. I manifested my own reality and am able to talk through scary and damaging situations I have been in and come out alive. This type of work takes time. There is no "you should be ok in 6 months" bs here... It may take you 6 years, but if you are putting in the work, it will come.

Now on to happier thoughts LOL

Manifesting your dreams and goals in spell work...

There are so many ways to manifest: Sigils, Affirmations, the Law of Attraction, etc.

Manifestaton magick is not just you are going to sit there and think happy thoughts, put out happy energy, and get the job you have been dreaming of... No bish... You NEED TO do the work too..

Use your mindset of making your dream job a reality, you are going to set your intentions, make your affirmations, make your sigils, go to the proper training for it, apply to positions, DO THE WORK! Magic is not like the movies people. We do not wave a wand and firebolts shoot out of our eyes... Magic is about the INTENT! Manifestation magick is so MUCH MORE SO!

Taking the example of attaining your dream job, let us set the process...

I will be a Marine Biologist...

Let's get as specific as possible. I will be a Marine Biologist who studies and helps protect Great White sharks, focusing on the areas of Oregon by the seal caves, and South Africa, where they are known to "fly".

Quite a difference when you get specific, huh? Also, "want" is not valid here. WILL, AM, is. When manifesting, you do not want something, you have to see the end goal. Part of positive affirmations and the Law of Attraction is seeing it in action in your mind's eye. We have gone into heavy discussions of visualization and how big of a tool it is in magick... Visualize yourself having your dream job.

Now, I see myself in my dream job. I am positively affirming, I am going to do some sigil magick next (if I feel called to do so). Sigil magick is not for everyone, and we should use the practices that suit us best. You can use divination, such as runes or tarot, pendulums, etc. I personally am going to do sigil magick because I love it.

So I properly make my sigil. I have all this magickal intent going on, where's my dream job?....

GO TO SCHOOL! I will be a marine biologist, and part of that path is getting the proper education and training. This is why I say you need to put in the work... Keep your dream in front of you. Work on your focus as you put the work in. If there are traits about you that need to be refined to put you in a better position to attain your job, then those should also be worked on using the same process. Use mini affirmations to help you along as you go.

More often than not, I get asked to help manifest love for others and my clients. In this type of magick, be as specific and general as possible. Make your wants and needs specific, along with the qualities you want in a partner. Make the actual person as general as possible... If you want something true, then do NOT focus on a specific individual...

All in all, Dream big guys! Use manifestation magick to help you attain your dreams and goals. Just do your work too...

Build your altar, research candle magic (I will be doing a blog post on that soon), safely use herbs and oils to help you along.

Remember, too, to be grateful for what you DO have, and the steps you take as you walk along your path. Be cautious not to start going into an obsession on what you want and whether all of your work is working. You have to TRUST in it, have FAITH in the magick and in yourself...

Also, please be realistic with what you are manifesting (Manifesting yourself as an animal, for example, may not be realistic, but who am I to judge?)

I am always here for questions if yall need me...

Hail and Have a Most Blessed Day,


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