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Random Thoughts of Today Regarding 2020

As I'm sitting here today and thinking, my mind keeps going to a New Year and a new cycle beginning...

2019 was a hard year for a lot of us. So much change and upheaval, with good moments thrown in the mix. Darkness always balances light, and helps us to see the path better. This is something that anyone who knows me personally, or has watched me teach, knows that I do firmly believe: without darkness, there is no light. To embrace the light we must have a measure of scale and appreciation. If we only viewed light, or the good things, then we do not value them as we should.

And 2019 has taken that to a new level! LOL

Most publications going around the Internet and Social Media right now regarding 2020 are stressing a year of abundance and ascension. I do feel this coming....and let us be prepared. I say that because in order to truly ascend, in most belief systems, we must face some hard truths about ourselves and our lives. Once we have faced these truths, come to a resolution, and begun to move forward, we will begin to ascend.

Be prepared to stand and to come to terms with yourself and any decisions that have led you down your current path.

Be prepared to backtrack if it is necessary to do so.

Be prepared to forgive yourself or others that have wronged you.

Be prepared to open your eyes.

Be prepared to rise above the darkness.

Be prepared to accept yourself for your Most Beautiful You...

Hail and Blessings,


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