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The Bubble

In my post about Empaths vs. Empathy, I started to introduce the Bubble. If you haven't read it yet, please go check it out! It does have quite a bit to do with this post.

The Bubble is one of the 1st things I teach to any empath or practitioner that I come across (when they come to me for help). It is an invisible shield to block out what you need it to block out so that you can function in your day to day life. It is imperative to use visualization in this... not only to help you focus but to strengthen your mind.

The process of Bubbling may seem quite simple, but has helped many an empath retain their sanity!

So how do you Bubble?

Close your eyes, open your mind...

If you feel like you need to meditate and center yourself, please do!

Focus on your body and the space around you...

Visualize a bubble of light pulling from your 3rd Eye, Heart and Root (wherever your base is strongest) and extending outward. This light is best to visualize in a color, as it will help you as time goes on to distinguish your Bubble from other things. I personally visualize mine as blue.

Pull that bubble out just enough to surround yourself with it. Once you feel that you have a firm hold on it stand up.

As you move, your bubble is there. Walk around, sway your arms, see it surrounding you clearly.

Now really focus....

What do you need your bubble for today? Or just in this moment...

YOU decide what you need from it. For example, you have been getting too much negativity from someone around you, so you need it to block that out. Decide on if you want:

-All incoming emotions to be blocked, meaning that it cannot get past your Bubble.


-All negativity to be blocked, but you are open to receiving positivity from others and the Universe (this is what I usually have mine set on).

-Keep in mind here that YOU decide what your Bubble lets in based on your current situation. You can change it in a moment! And will need to, at times.

When something hits your Bubble that you don't want around, that you decide cannot enter, it will hit a brick wall and slough off. This Bubble is strong! It is your will and energy that holds it up and in place, do not forget that.

This is something you should do daily, and hold in your mind. It will take quite a while for most people to get to the point where the Bubble becomes an automatic thing that a lot of us do everyday.

Everyone may bubble slightly differently...

Some people may start to visualize it from inside the body.

There is no wrong way to do this honestly, just follow your instincts.

My Bubble is always up. I hold it in the back of my mind, and it's as routine as brushing my teeth in the morning. You may get to that point quickly, or it might take you years...

Be persistent.

Practice, practice, practice.

Hail and Blessings,


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