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One of the key components to working with and acknowledging energy is Visualization. In a lot of the techniques we will be addressing in the future, I will call you to Visualize.

So, what is visualization? By definition it is the formation of a mental picture of something. It is concentrating hard enough to see what you are trying to accomplish. This is not just an aspect in magick, numerous scientific studies have proven that it DOES WORK in improving skills and proficiency in what you are trying to do. It also has been proven to calm the mind to focus, which leads to stress relief and organizing your thought processes.

Visualization is considered to be a very specific type of meditation, where you are focusing on a specific image, action, or outcome. There are so many applications where it is useful, sports, school, and of course magick, among many others. For instance: when I do a Reiki session on a client, I visualize the spot where I'm being drawn to, I visualize the Reiki symbols, I visualize the energy flow, I visualize a healthy client.

I honestly cannot stress the importance of being able to visualize, especially in magick. A spell, a ritual, is all about need. Putting yourself into whatever you are doing is necessary, because all magick really is about is energy. The greater the need, the more energy you put into it. To see your goal accomplished you must visualize it. If you see it, that is all the more personal strength you are putting into your working.

We are all very different, so the way we attempt to stretch our mind will be different. But there are a few techniques that work in general for practice.

For example:

You need to relax.... It's been a long week of nothing but stress and you are overwhelmed. A break seems light years away. What do you do? Close your eyes. Visualize yourself on a sandy beach. Somewhere that feels secluded and where you are alone. Concentrate on the sand beneath you. Hear the gentle lap of the waves. Take in the serenity.

By using visualization, you are also using the power of attraction. You see it, you feel it, you manifest it, therefor it will come! In accomplishing this, you enhance your ability to imagine things. This skill involves creativity and imagination. Improving visualization will improve these two correlated skills also. The greater the details of the mental images you create, the greater the focus you put into what you are working on. It is a critical ability in being able to expand your mind.

Your mind is your greatest asset in life. These techniques will help allow you to open yourself to a greater awareness, enhance yourself spiritually, and deal with any challenges that arise.

We will go over 1 more practice technique, which is usually the first one I teach here in person. Let's make a light ball!

Hold out your hand.

Concentrate on the center of your palm, seeing a ball develop. It is super tiny! This ball glows, and gets brighter as it grows. Let it grow until it is about the size of a golf ball. Hold it steady. Concentrate and see it. Let it roll around on your hand as you slowly start to arch first one way, then another. Feel the soft warmth of it. Do not throw it at anyone! ( Don't be mean now! LOL). Hold your concentration on it for a good 5 minutes and then press your other palm down on it, letting that good, pure energy go back into yourself.

Do this as often as you feel like doing it, until you think you have the technique conquered. The more you practice, the easier it will get. The easier that it gets, the more you will actually feel a ball rolling around on your palm. If you get bored, attempt to toss your ball from hand to hand.

This is actually one of my favorite exercises here, especially when teaching children, not only to visualize but to acknowledge their own energy. You can do this with a partner, and you will both get to a point where you feel the heat of the ball (it will not burn, just hold in your mind's eye a warm glow).

You may struggle at first. In fact, you probably will. But keep at it. Your mind IS a muscle and will get better with continuous practice. If you get discouraged, breathe, relax, and come back to it later.

Be persistent. Don't give up. You got this!

Hail and Blessings,


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