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What is a Lightworker? Breaking Down Misconceptions...

A Lightworker, by definition, is a special person with almost psychic ability to intuit what other people are thinking, feeling, or need in order to heal. They tend to be (but are not always) sensitive empaths who are guided towards helping others. This is done selflessly, with no intention of personal gain.

Traditionally, it is just as simple as above. No more, no less.

As we walk our path, in this Age of Spiritual Enlightenment, there are many people who teach about Lightworking, and dissect it into paths...

For example, there are now considered to be 11 paths:

1. Gridworkers and Gatekeepers

2. Divine Lightkeepers

3. Transmuters

4. Healers

5. Seers, Psychics and Clairvoyants

6. Divine Blueprint Healers

7. Dreamers

8. Messengers

9. Divine Blueprint Creators and Manifestors

10. Ascention Guides

11. Wayshowers

Categorizing the different aspects of one's path can be quite helpful, but I do caution you to not let it inhibit your own talents. Be aware of your self, and do not allow your talents to be limited to one specific genre...

I want to confront an issue that seems to be stemming up in the metaphysical communities, and it is worrying me.....

I have been contacted with numerous reports of people being harassed and talked down to by other "Lightworkers"...

Why, you ask? For no other reason than shadow work...

There is an ever growing misconception that a Lightworker only deals in Light or Positive Magick.

I am here to say that is NOT true! This should not be anyone's place to judge another practitioner or to exclude them! I personally teach of embracing one's full self in order to learn, and to be at peace with our self.

And yes, we are about to go into a bit of shadow work here...

In my experience on my path, I have encountered good and bad. Both in aspects of life, of myself, and in others. Not one of us is pure light. There is darkness in all, and negativity. We do not jump out of bed every day and see sunshine and lollipops, and nothing else....

We see the world...

We get up, start our morning, and take things as they come...

There are issues that come up, be it big or small, that need to be addressed. We are here to LEARN, not to judge.

To help others, yes, and to open to whatever Higher Power or Divine Force we believe in.

Imagine walking around your entire life, only seeing the good. No negativity, not addressing anything that might even start to cast a shadow. In that mindset, how do you know the Light?? How can we value the glow of positivity if we do not acknowledge and accept the dark?

Balance is KEY here. Look at the Yin Yang Sigil... it is one of many that demonstrates the balance of light and dark. I am of the firm opinion that in order to address any issue within our self, before we can help any other person, we need to be balanced.

Without the Dark we cannot see the Light...

A Lightworker is about helping a person to address darkness and move beyond it....

To see the darkness and lies (that people tend to tell themselves)

Not ignore it but to COME TO TERMS with it...

To embrace it and move past it, and start to heal.

I have darkness within...

I have walked with my shadow self and addressed that part of myself long ago.

In all that I do as a Lightworker, the darkness within is just as big a part of me as the light.

And I embrace it as such.

We will get into shadow work deeper, as I know I am getting into it more than a lot of you understand yet. It is very hard to express what I am trying to say here. To not be judgmental, to not be a hypocrite, and to accept not only others, but yourself. FULLY! To be balanced, which is a constant challenge for ALL of us. Regardless of how long we have walked our path.

Hail and Blessings All,

From Freezing Chicago (it is 5 degrees here),


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