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Wisdom Cymbals originated in Tibet and are part of traditional Buddhist practices for prayer and meditation rituals. When they are struck together they produce a unique tone that can be used for energy balancing and special clearing.
They are not only used in Buddhism but also extensively in other various religious practices around the world. You use them by hanging the bells by a leather cord, one in each hand and then striking them together.
One of the most frequent uses for Tingsha cymbals is space clearing because it is believed that when the cymbals are tapped together they provide a unique and identical bell sound that cleanses the air and create a pure environment.
The sound is believed to help clear low and negative vibrational energies. People can use space clearing when they move into new homes or start working at a new job. After you have been sick they can also help to clear a house of negative energy or illness and make the entire area healthier and refreshed.
Toning is also another common use for Tingsha cymbals, a traditional therapy technique that can help to get rid of mental stress and anxiety. It also helps to heal negative energy and restore healthy brainwaves as well as promoting a healthy flow of energy throughout the body


Dragon Tingshas

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