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Pegasus remains a mysterious creature capable of everything, symbolizing the divine inspiration or the journey to heaven, since riding him was synonymous to “flying” to the heavens. Pegasus was represented as a goodhearted, gentle creature, somewhat naive but always eager to help.


He is scented in Black Raspberry, Vanilla, Plum, Pear and Cashmere

Pegasus - Black Raspberry - Vanilla - Plum - Pear - Cashmere -

    • 10 grams
    • 10 sticks per package
    • These are made well and do not release black smoke like most home made incense!
    • When lighting stick incense, be sure to hold the incense away from your face and hair. Be sure that you are holding the incense over a flame-proof surface, such as a porcelain sink. Hold the incense by the bare end and light the coated end (hold away from face and hair). After igniting, gently blow out the flame. Be sure that no embers fall off the incense onto flammable surfaces or into contact with flammable materials. Be aware that stick incense creates ash which may blow onto surfaces outside the burner.
    • Always use caution when handling (1) products that ignite, such as incense or candles (possible burn and/or fire hazard), (2) products that may become heated during use such as incense burners, censers, candle holders and oil diffusers (burn, fire and/or heat damage hazard), (3) small products such as tumbled stones, incense cones and incense tiles (possible choking hazard to children and/or pets)
      When lit, incense is very, very hot, and could cause severe burn or fire if improperly handled. Never leave burning incense of any kind unattended. Never burn incense in the presence of flammable fumes or in the presence of materials that create flammable fumes. Never place burning incense where it may be accessible to children or pets or moving objects or draperies. ALWAYS place your incense securely in an appropriate holder designed specifically for the type of incense you are burning and place the burner on a surface that is flame-resistant and heat-resistant. Do not place burners on plastic surfaces, painted surfaces or surfaces that have been varnished, or where they may be knocked over. Damage or fire may occur if burners are placed on such surfaces.. Do not allow embers or sparks from incense to come into contact with flammable materials. Do not fall asleep while burning incense. Be aware that incense creates smoke and may trigger smoke alarms. Always use incense in a well-ventilated area away from draperies. Incense is not edible and incense sticks and/or cones may represent a choking hazard; keep all types of incense away from children & pets

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