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Here are some examples of how bells can be used:

  • In folk magic, the ringing of bells drives away evil spirits, witches, and even the Devil himself, while warding off the Evil Eye.
  • Bells have been widely used for protection for many centuries. People have attached them to doors, clothing, worn them as amulets, or tied them to animals.
  • Hanging bells on doors is said to bring protection and good luck.
  • Bells can be used for invoking or calling spirits, banishing bad luck or negativity, and invoking gods or goddesses.
  • Fairies are said to love bells, so you can hang or place them in your yard or garden to keep them happy and mischievous-free.
  • Bells can represent the elements of air or water in spells, rituals, and holiday ceremonies.


Witch's Bells are widely used and versatile tools! You can use them for various tasks such as divination, spellcasting, protection, invoking or banishing spirits, and many other purposes.

Red Warding Bell


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