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Pyrrhotite [pronounced pir-uh-tahyt] is a bronze to brassy iron sulfide gemstone with a metallic luster. It’s also the magnetic cousin of “fool’s gold”. In fact, it’s nicknamed “magnetic pyrite” because they’re so similar in color! 

Are you a fan of the cosmos? Pyrrhotite is a variant of another rare (and non-magnetic) mineral known as troilite, commonly seen in meteorites.

Pyrrhotite derives from the Greek word pyrrhos, meaning "color of fire.” As specimens tarnish, pyrrhotite can also display bits of sparkling red or blue — reminiscent of sparks!

This stone was first discovered in Mine Chichibu, Akaiwa (Japan), in 1835 by Johann Friedrich August Breithaupt, a German mineralogist and professor. Since then, you can find pyrrhotite in several locations across the world.

Pyrrhotite often occurs alongside pentlandite (the principal ore of nickel). The two are typically mined together if the rock masses contain high amounts of nickel. For example, some pyrrhotite contains up to 5% nickel, enough for pyrrhotite to be mined as an ore of nickel. 

Additionally, pyrrhotite was once a source of iron and sulfur. However, the iron was contaminated with sulfur making it unfit for use. Today, sulfur is no longer made from pyrrhotite because we can obtain it from more economical sources.

This mineral helps relieve tension, rejuvenate, and stabilize the mind, body, and spirit in various ways. While it’s not as popular for crystal healing as pyrite, it certainly boasts a multitude of purported benefits that make the body feel better in various ways. 

Similar to how it relieves tension within your physical body, Pyrrhotite relieves tension within your emotions. It brings you feelings of stability and security. It also loosens you emotionally, allowing you to let go of anger, resentment, and negative feelings that no longer serve you.

Pyrrhotite can help improve your focus. Meditating with Pyrrhotite allows you to hone in on things that matter most and keeps you from getting distracted by things that don’t. 

Pyrrhotite shifts your sacral chakra into alignment, making pleasure a priority. It allows you to express your wants and needs in relationships freely. Additionally, it makes it easier for you to tap into creativity and visualization.

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