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Quantum Quattro


Quantum Quattro is a synergetic crystal first discovered in Nambia and is very rare. It’s a combination stone made of five copper-based crystals Chrysoquartz, Malachite, Shattuckite, Dioptase, and Smoky Quartz matrix. The colors within a single piece of Quantum Quattro are nearly as mesmerizing as its energetic field. Deep waves of cool emerald, bluish-green copper, and lustrous earthy browns and greys make this crystal unmistakable unique.

The easiest way to define the benefits of Quantum Quattro is to look at the metaphysical properties of the 5 crystals that form it. Each one taps into a separate energy field within the physical and spiritual body. Combined, these properties illuminate and magnify one another, multiplying their healing, restorative, and balancing effects.


Chrysoquartz / Chrysocolla: Responsible for the hypnotizing light blue that radiates from the Quantum Quattro, Chrysoquartz is associated with the heart and throat chakras. It illuminates authentic expression. It helps release feelings of guilt and shame that can hold one back from being their true self. It increases the capacity to feel and share the love. It is capable of strengthening emotional bonds and repairing fragmented connections.


Malachite: This transformative stone is a light blue-green and repairs a fractured heart chakra. Malachite is used for deep wounding and helps release trauma from the body. It can stimulate life force, align all chakra, and magnify the body’s aura. Malachite can offer an intense experience for the user as it restores balance through one’s body and life.

Hormonal homeostasis may occur and the energetic force behind the crystal will remove people and things from your life that are holding you back. This stone is pure life energy and will propel you into the best version of yourself. The transition isn’t always comfortable, but always worth it.

Dioptase: The deepest emerald aspects of a Quantum Quattro are Dioptase. Another crystal that activates the heart chakra, Dioptase is an expansive stone that works with your outward expression of compassion, love, hope, forgiveness, and ease.

It allows us to tap into our deepest ability to connect with others. It charges connections of all kinds--business, friendship, familial, and love relationships. You’ll be able to feel an overall sense of abundance and gratitude within your bonds.


Shattuckite: Bright, royal blue shattuckite resonates with the third eye and throat chakra. It promotes wisdom, divine intervention, and empowers you to speak your truth--also helps advise when not to speak.

The high frequency of Shattuckite attracts people into your life who with pure intentions and walk a spiritual path toward enlightenment and self-actualization. When used intentionally, it can encourage reconciliation and allow us to face the broken aspects of ourselves and our relationships. It can also help transmute spiritual gifts and psychic abilities.


Smoky Quartz: The grounding energy found in a Quantum Quattro is the result of the Smoky Quartz. This ash-grey crystal helps stabilize the energy of the other crystals that makes their metaphysical benefits accessible for human utilization.

Associated with the root chakra, Smoky Quartz will allow you to actualize the intentions set forth with a Quantum Quattro. Grounding you from the root up, the Smoky Quartz aspect of the Quantum Quattro will help you embody the growth, change, and improvements you set out for your life. It invites luck and unimaginable miracles while removing low vibrating energies like fear, doubt, and insecurity.

The frequency of Quantum Quattro connects to the earth star, heart, throat, and third eye chakras. Via the heart chakra Quantum Quattro allows one to acknowledge and release emotional patterns and emotional traumas held within one’s cellular memory and DNA, thus aiding with emotional healing and emotional balance.

Via the throat and third eye chakras Quantum Quattro helps one with one’s inner vision so that one is able to understand issues within one’s life and communicate one’s feelings and inner truths with a heart centred awareness.

Quantum Quattro is a stone of healing, protection, and communication.

The frequencies of this stone connect to the third eye, throat, heart, and earth star chakras.

It will help you acknowledge and let go of your emotional traumas and release yourself from your emotional patterns.

Quantum Quattro will cleanse your energy fields and protect you from negativity.

It will also align you with your inner truths and visions.

It’s a stone that will help you connect with the higher realms and the universal wisdom.

Whenever you feel like something’s off and you’re out of alignment, this stone will help you correct the imbalance.

This stone will also promote a healthy and natural energy flow and spiritual activation. It will also cleanse your energies.

Quantum Quattro is a great stone for communicating and imparting spiritual information.

It’s the stone that you must have if you wish to clear attachments, blockages, cords, and karmic contracts.

It will naturally purify negative energies and transform them into pure light. It’s a powerful and versatile stone that will be very helpful in any kind of situation.

It will help you identify the things, behaviors, and patterns that are creating problems in your life. It will help you release anything that blocks your ability to create or receive wonderful things.

Quantum Quattro is also a great stone of psychic protection. It will keep you safe from lower vibration debris, negative entities, electromagnetic pollution, and psychic attacks.

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