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Rhyolite is a silica-rich volcanic rock created from violent and explosive eruptions. As magma during an active eruption brews beneath the surface, granite begins to form. During this time, these subsurface, newly formed crystalline structures are occasionally ejected; creating what we call Rhyolite. Thankfully, this was a common occurrence in the ancient world, as this volcanic activity would devastate entire landmasses and destroy any and all life. Since the 20th century, there have only been 3 small “Rhyolite Eruptions” on record, with them occurring in Alaska (United States,1912), Papua New Guinea (1953-1957), and Chile (2008).

Rhyolite is a felsic mineral (contains a majority of silica) that’s made up of tiny crystals within. Some of these are Quartz, Biotite, Plagioclase (feldspar minerals), Hornblende, and Sanidine. This combination can vary with each piece and alters the color and depth of Rhyolite. You will mainly see this mineral in a beige or grey form, but it can also be found in a dark green (known as Rain Forest Jasper with one locality in Australia). This crystal has taken on many names throughout history, but was officially recorded as “Rhyolite” in 1860 by Ferdinand von Richthofen. If his last name sounds familiar, it's because his nephew was the infamous German fighter pilot known as the “Red Baron”.

Rhyolite helps one better understand themselves and the complex universe around them. Energies full of strength, endurance, drive, and transformation flow from this stone, just like the magma that once created this volcanic rock. This flow helps one balance their polarities and realign your chakra column. As this is occurring, one's emotional and mental state will slowly change due to the foreign presence moving into your “core”. As you build a deeper connection with the energies being channeled through you, you may find comfort in absorbing and releasing the blockages that are built up within your soul. These emotions can stem from past traumas or fear for what's to come. As one is unable to reverse the past or control the future, they must live in the now.

Rhyolite awakens the strength within you, helping you power through the day and achieve some form of joy and happiness. It helps to serve as a daily reminder to take time for yourself to actively create and pursue goals. These are vital to building one’s confidence so that you can show yourself, and the universe, your true capabilities. You are capable of anything if your heart, soul, and mind are aligned. The limitation is not external, and never will be.

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