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Sapphirine is a rare mineral a silicate of magnesium and aluminium with the chemical formula (Mg,Al)8(Al,Si)6O20 (with iron as a major impurity). Named for its sapphire-like colour, Sapphirine is primarily of interest to researchers and collectors: well-formed crystals are treasured and occasionally cut into gemstones. While there is evidence of magmatic origin in some deposits, Sapphirine is primarily a product of high grade metamorphism in environments poor in silica and rich in magnesium.

Sapphirine was so named because of its resemblance in color to blue sapphire, even though the two minerals have completely different chemical, optical and physical properties. Sapphirine is very rare, with small gems only faceted for collectors. This gem is know for blue color, but occasionally forms in a red-orange variety.


Sapphirine is a stone that brings about deep peace, stillness, and serenity, with a sense of safety. It is a gently cleansing crystal that is sometimes compared to a sleeping dragon, with an energy that is dormant but can be tapped into when needed. It is beneficial for serenity, peace of mind, and concentration.

Sapphirine helps you to see the beauty in everything, and it also helps to restore a spiritual connection. It assists in releasing unwanted patterns to replace them with more positive attributes and goals.


Emotionally, Sapphirine crystal is thought to reduce depression and grief as well as any frustration. It balances all emotions making it easier to express yourself.

Sapphirine is thought to align the physical body, and aid in healing.

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