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Spectrolite is a variety of Labradorite that only comes from Finland. It is so rare and high-quality, in fact, that it has been given its own name: Spectrolite.

Spectrolite and Labradorite are feldspar stones, specifically anorthosite plagioclase feldspars. This means their composition is sodium, calcium, aluminum, and silicon. The calcium and sodium content can vary, with calcium between 50-70 percent and sodium between 30-50 percent.

Spectrolite’s labradorescence occurs in part because of twinning, where multiple crystals grow into one another during the gem’s formation. The twinning crystals form alternating layers of two types of feldspars with different chemical compositions. 

Given these factors, light hits the inside of the stone and then diffracts, separating into multiple rays. To our eyes, this separation looks like flashes of different colors. 


 Labradorite's base is more transparent, while Spectrolite's is more opaque. This difference in opacity accounts for the different colors seen in these gemstones.

Spectrolites are highly prized for their intense colors and rarity, making them a valuable commodity on the market today. If you're lucky enough to find one, be prepared to pay a pretty penny!

Spectrolite's meaning is light; it heals and cleanses your spirit.  

Spectrolite is highly valued for spiritual and mystical uses, purported to enhance psychic abilities and awaken the aura.

Since its base is black, Spectrolite joins other black gemstones in representing intelligence, protection, and fundamental truths. 

The Spectrolite crystal meaning is drenched in mysticism and folklore. Given that it’s native to Finland, the stone has Finnish mythology attached to it. 

One myth associated with Spectrolite is the “Story of the Rainbow Treasure.” The legend starts after Earth’s creation, as the god of thunder Ukko celebrates his wedding to the mother goddess, Rauni. 

Rauni was melancholy that the Earth was mostly dark rock, so Ukko sent a giant (but brief) storm. Once the storm stopped, a rainbow appeared. Ukko grabbed the rainbow and cast it down to Earth, causing rainbow shards to remain melted into rocks. Those rocks, of course, are Spectrolite.

Continuing the rainbow connection, some attach Spectrolite’s meaning to the Bifrost Bridge, a rainbow gateway between Earth and the heavens in Norse mythology.

Outside of mythology, Spectrolite symbolizes transformation, magic, and light. Sometimes called the “Stone of Mystical Wisdom,” Spectrolite is rumored to improve the user’s spiritual awareness and intuition. 

A crystal of original ideas, Spectrolite helps you communicate with your subconscious. It is a stone for opening your Throat chakra. Spectrolite empowers you to speak the truth and chase your destiny. It is a unique crystal vibrating to number 7, the number of purity and enlightenment.

Another chakra awakened by Spectrolite is the Third Eye chakra. It makes you intuitive and awakened. This is the chakra that opens your spiritual vision.

Calmness is a benefit of wearing or working with the crystal Spectrolite. It is a relaxation stone that helps you cut all your worries away. The stress-free crystal of love and light imparts confidence to you. It will make you feel your strong voice from within, guiding the way. If you have low self-confidence, this is your chance to change it. Spectrolite is the stone of love and compassion.

Astral Travel has never been so smooth as it can be working with Spectrolite.

This transformation crystal is also cleansing, and will protect you from experiencing trauma during your travel around the universe.

It is quite easy to slip into lucid dreams when Spectrolite is kept under the pillow or on the nightstand.

It is a crystal that attracts luck.


Spectrolite can awaken your psychic powers such as the ability to speak with spirits.


It is a stone of mystic knowledge; use it wisely!  

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