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Thulite is a naturally pink form of Zoisite, also known as Rosaline. No two stones are exactly alike, and each piece’s original color gradient ranging from pastel pink to vibrant fuchsia reminds us of the unique intricacies of every relationship in our life. As a stone of love, Thulite encourages us to notice the amazing effects that opening ourselves to love and compassion can have on the world.


Thulite is a healing stone for both the heart and solar plexus chakras.

Thulite helps you release identification with problems. It is excellent for those of you who live in a constant state of disaster and negativity, or for people who simply wish to maintain a more joyful perspective on their circumstances. This stone can help you recognise when you are allowing your ego to rule your life experiences. It reveals where anger and judgement are getting in the way of seeing the big picture. Thulite encourage you to see when you are becoming too entrenched in your emotional experiences.

Thulite resonates with the heart, throat and third eye chakras, allowing you to joyfully express your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. It also recognises that these are temporary and passing. It enables you to become more emotionally accepting and flexible so that you can find enjoyment in the sudden twists and turns of life.

Thulite teaches you joy and the transience of all difficulty. It lightens the heart, allowing you to act from an enlightened perspective. It teaches you about unconditional love and eternal joy.

Working to spread tenderness from the inside out, Thulite gently reminds us that the first person we must love and care for is ourselves. This warming stone is believed to be extremely comforting and healing to those who have suffered from abuse, neglect and sexual assault by affirming that they were not at fault for their suffering, and alleviating pain, grief, anger and sadness. The strong sense of comfort it brings us can help to dispel of low self-esteem and self-hatred, and help us to acknowledge that we are special and worthy of love and respect. With the help of Thulite’s soothing nature, we are able to put to rest the pains of our past and move forward with compassion for ourselves and others.

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