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Violane, also known as Violan and Blue Diopside, is a calcium magnesium silicate and crystallizes in the form of mass formations. It’s a member of the Diopside family and gets its violet and light blue color from its high Magnesium content. It was originally discovered in 1838 by August Breithaupt, a German mineralogist and professor. He chose to name it after the Latin word “viola”, meaning “violet”, in reference to its color. The type locality of this mineral comes out of the Prabornaz mine in the Aosta Valley of Italy. Since then, Violane has been discovered in Germany, Greece, Russia, and the U.S.A. Most of the crystals on the market today come from the Republic of Khakassia, a region of Eastern Siberia in Russia (near the border of Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and China).

Violane's color reminds me of the light of the sun shining on the ocean, creating joyful twinkles that dance and shimmer on the surface. It is something so simple, so natural that we often look right past the beauty and joy of it. And that is Violane's message. You have become so rushed in life, that the simple joys have been lost to you. It is time to reconnect with the beauty that is all around you. Have you looked lately? Really looked? Pick your head up from that iPhone, stand up! Get off of the sofa and away from that TV or video game. There is so much to appreciate out there. So much that you have put aside or simply forgotten. Life is not about deadlines or promotions or cars or houses or any of those things. Life is about love; the love of your children, the love of family, the love of self.

Violane can help to ease depression, anxiety challenges and tensions. It helps bring a sense of calm and peace into your personal energy so that you can find some relief. Violane would be an excellent piece to hold when feeling intense anger, frustration, guilt or grief.

Violane is a stone that strengthens the connection between your heart and throat chakra. It’s a crystal that can be used to help communicate your most heartfelt emotions and brings about confidence when speaking in public. Blue Diopside helps you dive deeper into yourself to help understand the emotions you carry and why. Some of these emotions can be best described as personal baggage, which is largely related to negative experiences in your past. What we don’t realize is how much space these thoughts and emotions take up in our bodies and minds. Instead of allowing your subconscious to live in a constant state of survival, remind yourself of the inner strength you possess and push forward. Violane can help you reclaim your rightful voice to propel yourself to new heights with a clear conscience and a pure heart.

Violane also possesses a large benefit with its heartfelt connection to your voice. This energy can assist you in softening your words, which is very important when trying to get your message across to a group of people. The number of peers willing to engage and connect with you will be a direct result of the tone in which you speak and the words that you choose to say. When you are speaking from the heart and soul you will begin to resonate and connect with others around you. We’ve all been to a speech or large gathering where we may walk away not remembering exactly what was said, but were fully engaged in the moment due to the speaker's choice of words and enthusiasm. Remind yourself that you are the own speaker of your universe, allow yourself the opportunity to be your own audience, and listen to what your soul has to say.

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