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A highly fluorescent material, Willemite is a zinc silicate mineral known and a minor ore of zinc. It can be brown, reddish-brown white, gray, or light apple green. It emits an intense glow when under a ray of ultraviolet light. 

As gorgeous as it looks, Willemite isn’t a great jewellery or lapidary material. It has a hardness rating of 5.5, making it a soft and fragile mineral that’s difficult to polish. It also sustains scratches easily.

Willemite is formed when Sphalerite ore bodies are altered. It can be found in marble and may occur as a result of the metamorphism of Hemimorphite or Smithsonite. Willemite is found in different locations but it is most commonly found in zinc, iron, and manganese deposits in New Jersey and in Arizona.

Willemite is useful for those who are embarking on a new spiritual journey. It unlocks our psychic abilities, expands the consciousness, and helps you ease into the journey of becoming your higher self. Meditate with this crystal to access its energies.

This crystal acts as a mirror through which you can evaluate yourself. It opens your eyes to the habits and mindsets you must improve to become a better person. And as you do this, willemite increases your self-compassion so you can see yourself objectively without judgment.

The crystal also boosts your patience as you work on yourself. It gives you the courage and strength to accomplish any tasks on your plate with confidence.

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